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How-to Motorola Droid Ultra / Maxx: 3 Easy Methods of Transferring Contacts from an iPhone

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid Ultra & Maxx' started by DustenRust, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. DustenRust

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    While transferring contacts from an iPhone to the Motorola Droid Ultra / Maxx might seem like a difficult task, in reality, with the right tools, transferring your iPhone contacts is like a walk in the park. Below you will find four easy methods of transferring contacts, each with their own benefits. Choose the one that you prefer the most.

    Note: To learn how to use iTunes in order to transfer your contacts, please visit this thread. If iTunes is not an option, then below you will find three alternative methods.

    Using iCloud to Transfer Contacts from an iPhone:

    1. On your computer, use the Internet browser to access www.icloud.com
    2. Log in to your iCloud account and click "Contacts"
    3. Select the contact(s) that you wish to share
    4. Click the icon depicting a cog wheel. It's located at the lower-left side of the window. Then, select "Export vCard"
    5. After your computer downloads the VCF file, import it to Google Contacts.
    6. Alternatively, connect your Motorola device to your PC, and copy the VCF file to your phone's "/sdcard" folder. Then, go to "People", tap "Menu" > "Import / export" > "Import from storage" > "OK"
    Using the "My Contacts Backup" App to Transfer Contacts from an iPhone:
    1. On your iPhone, visit the App Store and download "My Contacts Backup"
    2. Launch the app and press "Backup"
    3. After the backup process is complete, tap "Email" to attach the VCF file
    4. Send an email containing the VCF attachment to your own Gmail address
    5. On your Motorola handset, open the email containing the attachment and download it to import the contacts to your phone
    Using the "Bump" Application to Transfer Contacts from an iPhone:

    Note: Bump makes use of cloud computing in order to transfer contacts from one phone to another. As such, to use this method you will need an active Internet connection on both your iPhone and your Motorola Droid Ultra / Maxx.

    1. On your iPhone, go to the App Store and install "Bump"
    2. On your Motorola, visit the Play Store and download > Install "Bump"
    3. Open the application on both smartphones and allow permissions if prompted to do so
    4. On the iPhone, go to the "contacts" section and select the contacts that you wish to share
    5. When the label "Bump now!" appears on-screen, you can start the transfer process by gently bumping the two phones together
    6. Tap "Connect" in the pop-up window
    7. After the process is complete, a copy of the previously selected contacts will be sent to your Motorola

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