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movies on an lg vx5200?

Discussion in 'LG' started by princenaz, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. princenaz

    princenaz New Member

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    I posted this on the general phones topic but this might be a more relevent place to post. First question ive got is can i upload and watch movies on my vx5200 if I purchase more memory?

    I will now past what I wrote and maybe you guys can also help with this since it is basically the same questoion only more details...

    Hello everybody. I bought a lg vx5200 phone a few weeks ago and I havent held a decent coversation once. It cuts in and out throughout the whole conversation. I was going to bring it in to exchange it but am thinking why not upgrade to a better one maybe. Here is really what I want and I am hoping youguys can help me get the cheapest possible good working phone that is capable of the following things..
    I want to be able to connect with usb like ive got for my vx5200 to make my own ringtones. I also heard you can upload and play movies on some phones. I would need a memory card I suppose but I know I can get programs that convert the files to 3gp or whatever. Can I play those kinds of movies on my vx5200 and how would I upload them (ive got bit pim but dont think I can like that)
    What would a decent priced phone be that I could upload and watch movies on? I frequently make long trips and it would be cool to burn movies onto my phone to watch on the ride.
    Any help would be awsome !!!

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