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mp3 ringtone on LG cosmos 2

Discussion in 'LG' started by chuck1993, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. chuck1993

    chuck1993 New Member

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    is it possible to use a mp3 song as a ringtone on the LG cosmos 2

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  2. jdeg

    jdeg Administrator Staff Member

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    Try this:

    1. Install the LG drivers: VZAccess Manager. (choose one for LG phones, the cosmos 2 is not listed)
    2. Set the phone's USB mode to "mass storage": Menu > Settings & Tools > USB Mode > Mass Storage (or "Ask on Plug")
    3. Connect the phone to the PC via usb cable. If the phone asks for a connection type, select "Mass Storage".
    4. Wait for the new hardware to be detected and for the driver to be installed.
    5. Open the new "drive" for your phone on your computer then open the Ringtones folder. Drag or copy your MP3 ringtones into this folder.
    6. On the phone, go to Menu > Media Center > Music & Tones > My Ringtones, and your MP3 ringtones will be there

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