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MUST SEE "Rudy Park" Cartoon Dealing With The Beast Called the "Wireless Industry

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Roger Binns, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. Roger Binns

    Roger Binns Guest

    Dave C. wrote:
    > Oh, did I mention that the reason I left verizon was outrageous billing
    > errors?

    Verizon made errors on five of the first six bills I had, but not
    anything since. Every single error made has been in their favour.
    I am curious if anyone has ever experienced a Verizon billing
    error that isn't in Verizon's favour.

    Perhaps the most frustrating thing about it is that I had to call
    up, spend however long on the phone with a CSR, have credits applied
    to next bill etc. All that costs Verizon money which us customers
    are ultimately paying. (They had no real excuse for any of the


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  2. "xyzzy" <invalid@addr.net> wrote in message

    > The decline of Cingular saddens me but it is still a fact. I am a fan
    > of GSM and it sticks in my craw to have to surrender to CDMA to get
    > decent service. Maybe in a few years Cingular will have it right.

    I agree. I left Cingular after going to them mainly because of GSM, but also
    because they were less expensive than the other carriers. I am in
    California, where Cingular has always been GSM. Paying for CDMA is
    something I hadn't planned on doing, but the coverage with Verizon is order
    of magnitudes better. Someday GSM will be on a par with CDMA/AMPS, but that
    day is years or a decade away. Still use an unlocked GSM phone when

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