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My phones Acting up LG Dare

Discussion in 'LG Dare' started by ben.dared, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. ben.dared

    ben.dared New Member

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    first i have to apoligize for my gramer and spelling miss spelling of words

    I have had my LG Dare well scince they came out and i love the phone its like amazing in my book

    well i had problems wit the battery saying genuine batter power off in 10...9..8...7 i think u get the pictuer well i take it to a verison store they say its water damaged ..

    ok that sucks but wat ever so we get a replacement phone same LG dare like basicly yesterday lol

    and we get it programed and all this stuff that it needed kool wat ever buutt for some reson ever scince we turnd it on i have nooo service witch makes no scince cuz theres a cell tower in my backward like no joke and ive always had cell service on the outher on

    like it will always be serching for service and i cant get picture messges like it will sit in my inbox and say "Failed To Play Pictuer Messge" so im like wtf and i really need edvice if i need to go get the phone looked at or wat

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