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need help finding somthing in bitpim (chocolate touch)

Discussion in 'LG Chocolate' started by synester155, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. synester155

    synester155 New Member

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    I downloaded bitpim and have got it working for the my phone (chocolate touch) I got the droid wallpaper and clock working i also have gotten the mac theme to show up on the phone only thing is it is to big for the phone and you cannot click on any of the buttons so for all those who have lost hope themes are possible on this phone just takes alot of time and effort but here is my question the only thing i want to really change on my phone is that stupid multi colored bar at the bottom of the main screen and i know it has to be somewhere on bitpim but i cannot find it does anybody know what folder it is in and what the file name is

    PLS HELP!!!

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