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Need help in choosing a Verizon phone for a fringe area

Discussion in 'General Verizon Service' started by stickybeak, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. stickybeak

    stickybeak New Member

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    Sorry to bring up a subject that has no doubt been done to death, but I do need help.

    My old LG VX4500 got minimal, but usable signal at home (Ithaca, NY). I upgraded to a VX8300 and got no signal; I returned the phone.

    I have one more chance.
    I could try the pedestrian Nokia 6215i which, I've read here, has the best signal sensitivity, or I could go for the glitzy VX8600.
    (I could also try the Samsung SCH-a870 or the a930 but I've heard bad things about Samsung with regard to reception.)

    I would be grateful for any advice.


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