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Need to find a better phone than my Kyocera 2235

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by John Antypas, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. John Antypas

    John Antypas Guest

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to keep this phone, but I'm now getting my
    third one in 20 months.

    I bought this phone because I was one of the first Express Network
    customers -- it was the only phone I could get. It works, but every six to
    eight months I have to have it replaced because the screen goes blank or

    Don't get me wrong, the phone is great if you don't mind having one without
    a display. And, VZW has been very willing to deal with the issue, and has
    shipped two replacement phones, and, they admit this is a known issue. The
    store pu it a bit more directly stating this phone is "unmentionable" (he
    suggested I follow VZW's slogan and "Get RID of it now".

    So, my two years will be up soon, and I'm hoping the third phone will make
    it that long. At that time, I need a new phone. Can anyone help me choose
    a new one.

    Requireed features:

    - Must work with Express network.
    - Must be trimode
    - Must not have a display that dies or keys that die!

    Would be nice if:
    - Color --doesn't need to be photo quality
    - Large phonebook
    - Can be updated via cable or infrared
    - Easily available batteries, etc.

    Really nice if:
    - Downloaded ringtones, etc.
    - Bluetooth

    Maybe if I tie all of these Kyocera's together I can get real 3G!

    -- John Antypas


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  2. Do others have the same experience with the 2235? I've had the 2035a for
    almost two years, and it's survived an incredible amount of abuse by me.
    I was considering getting another Kyocera soon since I recently craked the
    screen on mine. Looks like the only one they offer now is the 2235, alas.


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