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New Verizon customer with slow 3g speed

Discussion in 'General Verizon Service' started by blue lines, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. blue lines

    blue lines New Member

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    I recently switched from the iPhone 3gs on ATT to an Incredible 2 on Verizon. This is my first time with Verizon and first time with an Android phone. I love everything about the phone. Verizon's service? Not so much, but I don't know if the issues I'm experiencing are a phone issue or a Verizon issue.

    My 3g speed is much, much slower than what I was enjoying with ATT. I'm averaging about 200-300 kbps down. It's dropped as low as 42 and it's not uncommon for it to hover under 100. The only time I ever enjoy more than 600 kbps is when I'm in my house, which has a network extender installed or if I'm connected to wifi.

    I went to a Verizon store and the rep told me Verizon's average 3g speed in Detroit is between 300 and 600. From the research I've done online I'm finding people talking about getting over 1 MB down on a consistent basis. I've even read posts of people complaining about how they're only getting 700 kbps.

    I have 5 more days left to return this phone and/or switch service. The Verizon rep pretty much blew me off saying the speeds I'm experiencing are normal. I'm hoping someone in here can help me indentify if this is a phone issue or a Verizon issue. Are these speeds normal for Verizon? Does anyone else with an Incredible 2 experiencing similar problems?

    Thanks in advance.


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  2. nicknrm

    nicknrm Super Moderator

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    User Blue Lines,

    I do not have the DROID Incredible; however, I am familiar with the Verizon Wireless network and the company itself (as I was previously an employee of this company).

    Verizon Wireless has by far the largest 3G data network and an even larger voice network. Verizon Wireless has industry leading customer service and industry leading innovation. Verizon Wireless, in short, generally should out perform other companies. AT&T has been known to offer slightly faster 3G speeds, but keep in mind where the service actually will work is much, much more limited.

    Let me explain how 3G (and regular wireless) service works. The network can be impacted by many factors including buildings, trees, and storms. The network can also be impacted by traffic using it. Peak times from usually 6-8pm will have the slowest speeds and poorest call quality of the day. Verizon Wireless strives to make this unnoticeable to most subscribers. Another factor can be the phone. The phone can impact the service slightly. Maybe it is the phone. Here are ways you can try to resolve it:

    1. Remove the battery for 30 seconds with the phone on and reinsert it.
    2. Dial *228 and press option 2 and wait for the phone to reprogram.
    3. Visit the store and request a BRAND NEW exchange for the same phone.
    4. If all else fails...continue reading below!
    Congratulations! You live in Detroit, MI (or the area, I assume?). 4G service is available! 4G LTE is the fastest mobile broadband network to hit the United States. It offers speeds of up to 10MB (soon to increase in some markets). The pricing is roughly the same for the data when using 4G. Unfortunately, the DROID Incredible 2 is not 4G. You could get the HTC Thunderbolt is 4G and has had relatively good reviews. You will be amazed by the speeds! Check it out. You are limited on time!

    HTC ThunderBolt

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