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Optimize Battery Life for LG Spectrum 2

Discussion in 'LG' started by sukosaki, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. sukosaki

    sukosaki New Member

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    Tips to extend the life of your battery

    How important is extended battery life to you? You might want to take some of these tips below and get happy about not having to charge your LG Spectrum 2 so much. If you have other tips feel free to post them on this thread!
    • Turn off radio communications that you aren’t using. If you aren’t using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or GPS, use the Settings menu to turn them off (Note that the GPS receiver is only turned on when you’re using an application that makes use of it).
    • Turn down screen brightness and set a shorter screen timeout.
    • Turn off automatic syncing for Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, and other
      applications if you don’t need it.
    • Use the Power saver feature in the Settings menu or the Power Control
      widget to control data activity, syncing activity, Wi-Fi connection,
      Bluetooth connection, GPS connection, and power used for the device
      such as screen brightness, tap vibration, screen timeout, and front key
      light timeout.

    You can also control and monitor what is using your battery by following the steps below:
    • From the Home screen, tap Apps > Settings > Power saver > Battery use.

    This screen displays battery usage times. It lists all of the applications or services using battery power from the greatest amount of energy used to the least amount. Tap an application or service in the Battery use screen to see the details about its power consumption, including either how long since last connected to a power source or how long you were last running on battery power. Different applications or services offer different kinds of information, and they may even include options to modify the settings so you can reduce power consumption by that application.

    Power Saver Mode
    If the battery charge level drops to low levels, the phone automatically activates Power saver mode to conserve battery power until you can recharge it.
    • From the Home screen, tap Apps > Settings > Power saver > Turn Power saver on.
    You can set the phone to activate Power saver mode immediately, when the charge drops to 10%, 20%, 30%, or 50%. If you turn off Power saver mode, when the battery charge becomes low, a notification prompts you to turn it on.

    A very easy way to keep an eye on your battery is to just check the charge level by tapping APPS > SETTINGS > POWER SAVER. There your charge level will appear as a percentage of fully charged. You will also see the battery status.

    NOTE: Checkmark the Battery percentage checkbox to display the percentage of remaining
    battery charge on the Status Bar next to the battery icon.

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  2. appapa1

    appapa1 New Member

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    i suggest to download some battery save apps

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