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Phone from hell

Discussion in 'General Verizon Service' started by notquitebacon, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. notquitebacon

    notquitebacon New Member

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    Back in August, my family plan was able to upgrade our phones along with a 2-year contract. My previous phone worked fine, but my mom insisted on upgrading so I did- to a Nokia 7205. It originally worked fine, but after about a month I had more problems with it that I could handle:
    The screen constantly freezes
    The vibrate mode is one solid vibration for about 30+ seconds
    The battery would die within hours of charging

    Needless to say, I contacted Verizon (both by phone and in store) and was told that they would have to troubleshoot before anything could be done.

    They sent me a new phone body to replace mine. At first the phone worked fine but within a few hours, the same problems began again.

    Next, I was sent a new phone battery. By this point, the phone was completely new parts. Still the same problems.

    I researched online and other customers have had similar problems with the phone.

    I called again and they tested my phone and updated the software and had me reset it. Still the same problems within a day or so.

    The phone is still under warranty and we cannot upgrade for another year. When purchasing the phone, I asked if anyone had been having and problems with the phone and they assured me it was a good phone (there is no written record of this however).

    The phone is crap and I would not have upgraded to it had I known it would be this bad.

    What are my options? I do not want this model phone anymore, but I cannot afford to buy a new phone. Is there anything I can do (continue calling and complaining; threatening to switch providers, etc) to ensure that I get a working phone.
    Can I switch to a phone of equal or lesser value? Or pay the difference on a better phone.

    What can I do???

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  2. Celljimian

    Celljimian New Member

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    It might help to go to a local Verizon store and plead your case. Rather than threaten to leave as a customer, let them know that you want to stay with Verizon, but your phone is defective and, therefore, unreliable. Depending on how you approach the CSRs at the store, they may bend the "rules" and allow you to trade in for a dependable phone. Also, check to see if they don't have some kind of policy that allows you to trade up if they have made several unsuccessful attempts to fix your current phone.
  3. cybiko123

    cybiko123 Active Member

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    After three replacements, you can get a refurb replacement of a comparable model. If you don't want to go that route, Celljimian has the right idea - plead your case at the store. They might move your upgrade date if you're lucky.

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