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PING: K.C. - tower location---Hello Larry

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by p lane, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. p lane

    p lane Guest

    Sounds like your service is similar to mine, Seneca I believe is just SE
    of the Smokies, with hilly terrain, and might be considered not exactly
    a metro area. I also have similar tower routings--especially since I
    still use a 3 watt analog, on one line, so it will occasionally connect
    to towers in both VA and KY ( I live in East Tn)--you will see many
    posts from Larry, about the benefits of the old bag phone, and if you
    are in the shadow of a hill (mtn) with less than redundant (he made fun
    of me on this, some have it some don't)--you ain't gonna' get perfect
    service with a little cdma phone---which I use 95% of the time, but it's
    like everything else, sometimes its that last 5%, the last inch, etc
    that matters, in a pinch.

    And Larry if you read this, you know there is something very comforting
    about picking up that old 3 watt unit, and hearing that little static
    hiss (rattle) letting you know you are on the very edge of the avaiable
    service. Know what I mean?

    The Ghost of General Lee <ghost@general.lee> wrote in article
    > Is there any way to find out where a particular tower is located? I
    > get a number of outbound calls listed on my bill as originating from
    > "Seneca, SC", which is a pretty long way from my home. My local store
    > tells me that tower in question is actually in Simpsonville, SC, some
    > 40 miles away from the town of Seneca. Is there any way to confirm
    > this? If I am indeed hitting a tower in Seneca, that would seem to
    > explain why I drop so many calls while at home.

    [posted via phonescoop.com]

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