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Plan competitiveness - Renewing contract

Discussion in 'General Verizon Service' started by eshock, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. eshock

    eshock New Member

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    I'm coming to the end of my contract with Verizon (Dec 2010), and have already qualified for the "new every two" offer. While my env2 has been one of the best phones I've had, I'm not quite ready to leap into another 2 year contract with Verizon.

    I switched to Verizon two years ago when my new wife and I merged cell phone plans into one. I left Sprint, she was leaving Cricket. Sprint had been a decent enough company, aside from some signal reception issues, they hadn't really done me wrong. Since many of my Verizon toting friends had better service strength, it was attractive, and we switched.

    Verizon has been a decent company to us as well, and signal has not been an issue to us at all, so we've been very happy. However... With the plan we have (700 min talk & text family share) plus features, my monthly bill comes in right around the $140 mark. That is with two lines, the $15 Vcast package (on one line only), and ringback tones.

    My wife and I both want to upgrade to smart phones (she's been using a Blitz) - either Blackberry or Droid, but I know that with the way Verizon works things we'll have to tack on the $29 data plan(s) for our phones. This means that our phone bill would be going up around $45 a month just for the privelege of having smart phones.

    So... I'm at the point where I'm weighing options. Sprint is offering a plan that has 1500 minutes, plus unlimited messaging and data. The only add-on is an extra $10 if you've got an HTC EVO phone. All for $129.99 per month for the two lines. Once you figure in taxes and surcharges, we'd be looking at the same bill we're paying right now. BUT we'd have double the minutes (we sometimes do go over), and unlimited data on both phones allowing smartphones.

    Is Verizon coming up with anything to compete??? Or are they price matching at all??? I already know they've got better reception coverage over Sprint, but... Money talks.

    Thanks in advance for your input!

    -Eric Shock

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    Last edited: Aug 13, 2010

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