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Pocket File Manager for my Nokia

Discussion in 'Nokia' started by Phoneman, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Phoneman

    Phoneman Member

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    I just downloaded the Pocket File Manager for my Nokia Windows phone and I am so excited with it. I used to get overwhelmed with so many files and I was hunting for a good file manager. Pocket File Manager makes it easy to manage files and you can connect with a PC and save them after making them into zip files. I have saved all my music and videos using this file manager. After saving them you can easily upload them to Dropbox or Skydrive.

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  2. Keanu

    Keanu New Member

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    This information is very useful because I have always had trouble finding my files. I used to connect my mobile to the computer to find the files that I needed. But now I can use this app and I hope I will not need to connect to a computer anymore. I have a free Dropbox account so I should not have any trouble using it as a backup for all my files.

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