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Question about Alltel plans

Discussion in 'Alltel' started by Tigz, May 26, 2010.

  1. Tigz

    Tigz New Member

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    Right now we are on the Family Plan. I have been wanting to get a smartphone for a while now. Well tomorrow, supposedly, the HTC Hero hits our local store. I really want this phone I have been pining for an android phone since they were in pre-production, LOL). I know we will have to change to a data plan if we get it. I was planning on spending a great deal of time trying to get them to switch my number (mine is the second #, not the primary) to the primary number and get the Smart Choice Pack 500 Plus.

    Well, DH comes in tonight and says he needs a texting phone that has some apps (ie a smartphone) since he is helping some idiot running for some office. :rolleyes: So that will mean 2 smartphones

    Here is where I get confused.

    It says that the data is for the primary phone only....so how do I do it for the second phone as well?

    I have a "connect pack" with my current phone for Alltel Web and unlimited data...but I "think" that is only for non-smartphones. (I wasn't too clear on that when we went to the family plan back in Dec)

    Anyway, can someone explain - in simple words - how this works.

    Thanks! :)

    Added info...this is for an ALLTEL plan, not Verizon.

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