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renewing plan - question about swapping new phones

Discussion in 'General Verizon Service' started by ripken204, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. ripken204

    ripken204 New Member

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    so my dad and i are going to be upgrading our phones soon.
    he has the primary phone so his upgrade has an extra $50 discount and mine has no discount.

    he does not really care what phone he gets so would i be able to upgrade his phone to what i want, get the $50 discount. then upgrade my phone to what he wants for free. then be able to easily swap phones?

    we are going to do this online. so i am assuming that they will just send us the new phones in the mail (i've never done this before so i have no idea).

    will they give us new SIM cards in the new phones? if so, is it beneficial to use the new SIM cards or does it make no difference?
    if it does come with new SIM cards, i would assume those are already programmed for the same numbers.
    and if we wanted to swap the phones, meaning swapping SIM cards, we would just go to a store to do so?

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    Last edited: Aug 9, 2010

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