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How-to Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: Add, Manage and Transfer Contacts

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy' started by DustenRust, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. DustenRust

    DustenRust Member

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    Creating a New Contact:
    1. While viewing the home screen, tap the "Contacts" icon
    2. Go to the "Contacts" tab and tap the "Add a contact" icon. NOTE: if necessary, select the account on which you wish to add the contact to
    3. Enter the contact's name in the appropriate field and tap "Next"
    4. Type in the contact's number in the "Phone" field. Optionally, tap the "Mobile" drop-down list and select the type of phone number
    5. Tap "Next"
    6. Enter the contact's email address in the "Email" field
    7. Enter any additional information as you see fit, then tap "Save" to add the contact
    Assigning a Picture to a Contact:
    1. Tap the "Contacts" icon located on the home screen
    2. Select the contact that you wish to edit
    3. Tap the "Picture" frame and select "Image"
    4. Select an album
    5. Browse for the desired photo and tap it
    6. Use the blue borders to crop the image
    7. Tap "Done"
    Assigning a Custom Ringtone to a Contact:
    1. While viewing any of the home screens, tap the "Contacts" icon
    2. Select the contact that you wish to assign the ringtone to
    3. Scroll to and tap "Ringtone"
    4. Select the desired ringtone and tap "OK"
    Adding Pauses to Contact Numbers:

    Whenever you call automated systems, you are sometimes required to enter an account number or a password. Instead of entering this information every time you dial an automated system, you can store these numbers in your contacts, alongside special characters called "pauses" and "waits".

    A pause stops the calling sequence for two seconds, and a wait pauses the calling sequence until you enter a number or touch a key.

    In order to add a "pause" or a "wait" to an existing contact:
    1. Open the "Contacts" application
    2. Tap a contact's name or number to open it
    3. Tap the "Edit" icon depicted as a pencil
    4. Tap the "phone number" field and touch the screen in the location where you wish to add a pause or a wait
    5. Tap the "Sym" button on the on-screen keyboard, then tap "Pause(,)", or "Wait( ; )"
    6. Tap the "123" button and use the keypad to enter additional numbers
    7. When ready, tap "Save". Alternatively, tap "Cancel" > "OK" to discard the changes
    Linking Contacts:
    1. Open the "Contacts" application
    2. Select the contact that you wish to link to another one
    3. Tap the "Menu" key and select "Link contacts"
    4. Select the second contact that you wish to link with the first one
    5. To view the linked contact information, tap the icon depicting two chain links together, located in the "Connection" section
    Unlinking Contacts:
    1. Access the "Contacts" app
    2. Select the linked contact
    3. Tap the "link" icon to view the list of linked contacts
    4. Tap the red "-" button associated with the contact that you wish to unlink
    5. Once you get the "Separate contact" prompt, press "OK"
    Marking a Contact as Default:

    When you have multiple phone numbers for the same contact (or linked contacts to a single entry), you will need to set a "default" or "primary" number in a contact entry list, specifically when typing and sending messages. To set one of these numbers as "Default":
    1. Tap the "Contacts" icon located on the home screen
    2. Select the desired contact
    3. Press the "Menu" key and tap "Mark as default". The mark as default screen will display radio buttons associated with the phone numbers or contact names of all the linked contacts. The green radio button represents the default one
    4. To change the default contact, tap the radio button associated with the desired entry
    5. Tap "Done"
    Importing / Exporting Contacts:
    1. Open the "Contacts" application
    2. Press the "Menu" key and select "Import / Export"
    3. Select the desired option:
    • Import from USB storage
    • Export to USB storage
    • Import from SD card
    • Export to SD card
    • Import from SIM card
    Deleting Contacts:
    1. Tap the "Contacts" app located on the home screen
    2. Tap and hold the contact that you wish to delete, then select "Delete" from the pop-up menu
    3. At the confirmation prompt, tap "OK"

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  2. yonglan

    yonglan Member

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    Android data manager tool can help us Add, Manage and Transfer Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini on pc. After connecting Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to computer via usb cable, the tool will scan out all data on it. Then you can easily Add, Manage and Transfer Contacts on it.

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