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How-to Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: Restore Contacts and Media Files

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy' started by DustenRust, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. DustenRust

    DustenRust Member

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    NOTE: You can visit this thread for a guide on how to back up data.

    Restore Contacts from SD:

    1. Open “Contacts” and tap “Menu
    2. Go to “Settings
    3. If necessary, tap “Contacts to display” and switch to “All contacts
    4. Tap “Import/Export contacts” > “Import from SD
    5. Tap “OK

    Restore Media Files from SD Storage:

    1. Open “My Files
    2. Tap “SD Card” > “Menu” > “Edit
    3. Tick the boxes associated with the media files you want to restore
    4. Tap “Menu” > “Move
    5. Select “Internal storage” and tap “Move here
    6. Alternatively, you can tap “Create folder” or the folder’s name to restore the media files to another location
    7. Tap “Move here

    Restore Media Files from a PC:

    1. Connect the Android device to the computer via USB
    2. Enable “File Transfer” / “Media device” when prompted or from the Notification area
    3. Open the File Explorer on the computer
    4. Copy the media backup files from the PC
    5. Transfer the files to the phone storage, preferably in the folders of origin
    6. Once done, you can safely disconnect the phone from the USB port

    Restore Media Files from a Mac Computer:

    1. Connect the Android phone to the Mac via USB
    2. On the phone, enable “Media device” / “File Transfer” at the prompt or from the “Notification” area
    3. Open Kies on the Mac and go to the “Back up / restore” tab
    4. Access the “Restore” tab
    5. Tick the check boxes linked with “Photos”, “Music” and other media file types you want to restore
    6. Click “Restore” and follow the prompts to complete the process
    7. After the process completes, eject the phone storage by dragging the virtual drive from the desktop and drop it over the “trash can
    8. You can safely disconnect the phone from the Mac

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  2. yonglan

    yonglan Member

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    Android data recovery software allows us to Restore Contacts and Media Files from Samsung Galaxy S9 easily. With its help, we can restore contacts and media files like photos and videos from it. You just need to connect Samsung Galaxy S9 to pc, start the software.

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