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Sanyo scp 8100 - sprint to verizon

Discussion in 'Other Phones' started by sanyo 8100, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. sanyo 8100

    sanyo 8100 New Member

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    I am looking for drivers to help me flash this phone from Sprint to verizon. Its for a project I am working on. Any help in information to Flash this phone to verizon service would be appreciated.


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  2. Kai31410

    Kai31410 New Member

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    Re: Sanyo scp 8100

    Last year I signed up with Sprint and had the Samsung A560 phone (their new free phone) if you are considering to sign up with Sprint, do NOT get this phone. I've reviewed it on here as well, you can look it up.

    That phone is the reason for why I just purchased the Sanyo SCP 8100 phone. I bought it last week on eBay and just received it today.

    This phone has EXCELLENT reception. I have yet to have a signal fade, or any complaints what-so-ever of cutting in and out.

    The camera works great, I truly love this phone. Great picture, easy to use, and ring tones sound great.

    The only thing I do not like about the phone is how the text messaging works. I'm paying for unlimited text messages, and the only way for me to check my messages with this phone or send messages is to get on the internet, which of course charges me. Other than that, the phone is great. But if you do alot of text messaging, and don't really use the internet, this phone isn't for you.

    -Great Reception
    -Easy text messaging
    -Good camera
    -Loud Ring
    -Loud Vibrate (went off in class and people could hear it so the vibrate is loud alone)
    -Light weight
    -With downloaded pictures the quality is amazing
    -when you receive a text message it's REALLY annoying because if you don't answer it (in my case it WON'T stop vibrating until you open it) which is a pain

    -Sometimes the antenna is a pain to put up because you don't get signal everywhere. Most places though.
    -If you turn the volume up too maximum (the ear piece) the person's voice gradually comes distorted.
    -The rings aren't the greatest so I had to download one.
    -Not the phones fault but bell has really high prices for downloading
    phone book is easy to use.

    To sum it all up it's an awesome phone, just a few flaws. Easy to use, and I'd recommend it to anyone who is looking to buy it.

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