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How-to Set Up a Personal and Corporate Email for the LG Lucid 2

Discussion in 'LG Lucid' started by Lyanna, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Lyanna

    Lyanna New Member

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    Setting Up Personal Email

    1. Go to the Home screen and tap Email.
    2. Select the account type that you want to add. For the purpose of this guide, we’re going to use Gmail, but you can use any email type you desired as the steps are pretty much the same.
    3. In the Email address field, enter your email address.
    4. In the Password field, enter your password.
    5. Then touch Next.
    6. Finally, tap Done.

    Setting Up Corporate Email

    1. Go to the Home screen and press he Menu key.
    2. Then touch Settings -> scroll to Accounts & sync and select Accounts & sync.
    3. Tap ADD ACCOUNT -> select Microsoft Exchange.
    4. In the designated fields enter your email address and password.
    5. Tap Next. At this point, you may be asked to enter specific information such as server address or domain name, so if you don’t know these settings, contact your IT professional to retrieve them. You should also check the Use SSL box if necessary for your corporate email.
    6. Then tap Activate -> read the notification and tap Next -> to activate the account, tap Done.
    7. Additionally, you can name your account by introducing a name in the Account name field.

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  2. maliye

    maliye New Member

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