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SMS to Canada and back for Free (Verizon / Telus customers, please help)

Discussion in 'Other Phones' started by coutnotes, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. coutnotes

    coutnotes New Member

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    I want to text a specific cell phone, and receive text messages from that cell phone, without being charged a quarter or so per text (Ridiculous!). Right now I've finagled a one-way system for texting her, that involves me texting a google voice number, receiving a copy of that text, fwding it to [hernumber]@msg.telus.com BUT, because I cannot obtain a canadian google voice number, I can't reverse the process so she can text me back for free

    RECENTLY, I've learned that not only can I receive e-mail as SMS, but I can send e-mail as SMS as well? If so this would vastly simplify the system I think- I merely have to send a text to [hernumber]@msg.telus.com, and she responds by texting [mynumber]@vtext.com? Would this incur any charges?

    Assume we both want to send and receive messages to each other on our phones, and neither of us have data plans or smart phones

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  2. avenue

    avenue Super Moderator

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    I would think sending a text message to an email wouldn't matter where the email address is located, but I'm not positive. You can also try sending a picture message, MMS, which should be able to hold more characters in one message.

    If you're using a smartphone, you can search for text messaging applications on Google Play or App Store. I believe there are some other companies that will give you a local phone number.

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