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Sprint roaming on Verizon towers - a myth?

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by AL, May 6, 2005.

  1. AL

    AL Guest

    I know in Louisville KY in the VA Hospital, Verizon roams on Sprint, as
    Sprint PCS has antennas on all four corners of the hospital. So I'm sure
    there is somewhere in the area where Sprint users roam on Verizon. That is
    the cheapest and easier was to make trade offs in coverage and not directly


    "*" <momcat1@hotmail.com> wrote in message
    > I was speaking with a local brick and mortar agent the other day, and

    > told me something I don't think makes sense. He said that Sprint roams on
    > all of the local Verizon towers. Being a current Verizon customer who has
    > been searching for more dependable coverage, and having personally spent a
    > good deal of time researching the local tower issue, this doesn't make

    > to me. 4 years ago, Verizon customers were allowed to roam on the only

    > Sprint tower (yes, there's only one), and at some point that was closed to
    > us. That's when signal got a lot worse at the house since the Sprint tower
    > is closer to us than any of the Verizon towers. Currently I'm searching

    > a better solution, since Verizon seems to be like swiss cheese here. Can

    > confirm or deny this claim? I'm in Dutchess County, NY.

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  2. At the time AC was introduced (around 4 years ago), Sprint and Verizon
    signed an intercarrier roaming agreement for their entire network.
    Sprint could roam on verizon (but roaming would be charged), and
    Verizon could roam on Sprint as regular minutes.

    Within a year, Verizon probably realized it was losing tons of money on
    the deal, since the package pricing caused verizon users to roam (while
    verizon ate the cost) a lot more often than sprint users roamed on
    Verizon. Verizon began slowly removing Sprint roaming areas from their
    PRLs, and eventually shut off roaming in some areas for those who kept
    old PRLs.

    >From what I hear, this was not a two-way shutoff, as Sprint and Verizon

    had no financial incentive to shut off roaming to sprint users since
    costs were passed on to the customers. I also heard of new sprint
    free-roaming plans, so your agent may be correct. You may be able to
    better confirm on alt.cellular.sprintpcs


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