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How-to Tips & Tricks to Increase Battery Life on the Motorola DROID Mini

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid Ultra & Maxx' started by DustenRust, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. DustenRust

    DustenRust Member

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    Enabling Motorola Assist:

    Motorola Assist is a smart feature on the DROID Mini which enables your smartphone to automatically silence your device during meetings, reply to texts while driving and also conserve battery life when the battery is running low. To enable this feature:

    1. From the home screen, tap the "Apps" icon
    2. Browse for and select "Assist"

    Enabling Battery Saver Mode:

    Once the battery level is low, the battery saver mode will enable automatically. To activate this feature manually:

    1. Tap "Apps" on the home screen
    2. Go to "Settings"
    3. Select "Battery" > "Battery Saver" and then tap the "ON / OFF" switch associated with this feature
    Tip: To see what apps are using the battery the most:

    1. Tap the "Apps" icon located on the home screen
    2. Go to and tap "Settings"
    3. Select "Battery"

    Disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:

    Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can be power hogs, so it's a good idea to disable these features when not in use. To do so:

    1. Tap the "Apps" icon located on the home screen
    2. Go to "Settings"
    3. Tap the switches associated with "Wi-Fi" and "Bluetooth" and bring them in the "OFF" position

    Disabling GPS:

    It's highly recommended to keep GPS disabled when not in use. GPS is one of the most battery-demanding features of your smartphone:

    1. Tap the "Apps" icon on the home screen
    2. Tap "Settings" > "Location access"
    3. Unmark the check box associated with "GPS satellites"

    Adjust the Display Brightness and Timeout Delay:

    1. From any of the home screens, tap the "Apps" icon
    2. Select "Settings" and go to "Display"
    3. Tap "Brightness" and select a lower level
    4. Tap "Sleep" and select a shorter setting

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  2. benet

    benet New Member

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    Battery life is always a tricky area when it comes to a new phone. I had a friend just about kill his first smartphone when he turned GPS on for over a week and then realized it was still on. I only use it when I truly need it and 90% of the time it is charging in the car when that happens.

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