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Info Troubleshooting FIOS problems

Discussion in 'FIOS Internet' started by jdeg, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. jdeg

    jdeg Administrator Staff Member

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    The easiest way to get help with your Verizon FIOS internet or TV is to download and run their In-home Agent. You can get that here: https://care.verizon.net/iha/IHAPC.aspx

    With it you can do all of this:
    • Activate Set Top Box
    • Quick Fix Set Top Box
    • Diagnose Set Top Box/DVR
    • Activate CableCARD
    • Use Parental Controls
    • Remove Parental Controls
    • Set Favorite Channels
    • Set Up Remote Control
    • Order a Remote Control
    • Set Up More Services
    • Learn Internet Service Basics
    • Set Up Verizon Email Account
    • Fix Verizon Email Account
    • Add Additional Email Accounts
    • Display Subaccount Details
    • Set Up Wi-Fi On Devices
    • Retrieve Router Settings
    • Set Up Router Password
    • Fix Connectivity Issues
    • Retrieve Wi-Fi Security Key
    • Reset Voice Mail Passcode
    • Reset Voice Portal PIN
    • Set Up Voice Mail
    • Listen to Voice Mail Messages
    • List Voice Mail Command Codes
    • Get Live Chat Support
    • Digital Voice FAQs
    • Prevent Missed Calls
    • Manage Digital Voice
    • Viewing TV Setup Diagrams

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