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Unabe to take cell phone into work . . .

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Tom, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. Joe Burke

    Joe Burke Guest

    > At any rate, I like the thermos idea and have heard that there is some

    > of a soup thermos, so I'll try to find a soup thermos and see if a T730

    > fit inside. Like someone suggested, we will acclimate the thermos to room
    > temperature before putting the phone inside. I know a lot of people my

    > works with just leave their phones in the car and don't give it a second
    > thought, but these phones are expensive.
    > Thanks again to all. Tom

    I can just picture somebody in walmart opening up thermos's to see if their
    cell phone can fit inside. Not that it would be a bad idea, it would just be
    something I could picture happening there.


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  2. On Sun, 11 Jan 2004 13:04:33 -0500, Manny Balfour <mbalfour@ieee.org>

    >Pardon me for jumping in on the tail end of this. What temperature
    >extremes will the LCD be damaged at (minimum and maximum)?
    >On Sun, 11 Jan 2004 01:00:59 -0500, Al Klein <rukbat@pern.org> wrote:
    >>On 9 Jan 2004 15:11:08 -0800, plane@usa.com (plane) posted to
    >>>Don;t you imagine the screens aren't that sensitive, as
    >>>this would be a very costly warranty issue--and it would be difficult
    >>>for anyone to prove you had "froze your screen to death", wouldn't

    >>No, it's a very specific kind of damage, as easy to prove as proving
    >>that you got the inside of the phone wet (which also voids the

    >Manny Balfour
    >Sayville, NY

    testing--pardon the intrusion
    Manny Balfour
    Sayville, NY

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