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Verizon BlueTooth phone?

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by AJ, May 21, 2004.

  1. Giambi

    Giambi Guest

    Between the Moto v270c and the SE t608, there was also the SE t61c (which I
    had for about a year) which had a BT dongle (BTA-10 if I'm remembering
    correctly) available. Inelegant (just like the Moto add-on), and not
    offically supported (SE only acknowledged it for the TDMA version), but it
    did work per several newsgroup people who bought and tried it out anyways.
    The phone was hampered however, by the fact that VZW never sold it directly
    (it was approved though, mine even had the VZW logo on it) but instead only
    through indirects.

    With support like that, it's no suprise that SE dropped out of the CDMA
    market before the next generation (of which the t608 and it's VZW twin
    t606(?) were part) ever really got launched. Too bad.. it would have been a
    killer candybar style color phone, basically a CdMa version of the GSM t610
    that's been jumping like hotcakes the past year or so. The BT feature would
    have just been a bonus, though there were rumors at the time that the VZW
    version would have BT disabled, as had happened before.

    Anyways, a little bit of history. Based on past experiences, if BT is a deal
    breaker for you, just go sign up with the GSM carrier that's best in your
    area now and get on with your life. If total coverage area is more
    important, buy a data cable for whichever CDMA phone you choose and get on
    with your life. The t61c is still out there, though very hard to find, but
    it's a pretty old phone compared to what's out now.
    Jason G
    Marlins Win. The Gods of Baseball Smite Me Again.
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    "AJ" <joganjani@yahoo.com> wrote in message
    > Well! Tell me any other BT phone working on CDMA. I think the only one
    > available and can be used is the Sony T608 which was used by Sprint.
    > However, I do not likt that one. Do you know any other CDMA BT phone?
    > "Peter Pan" <Marcs1102NOSPAM@Hotmail.com> wrote in message
    > news:2h80f3F9tls8U1@uni-berlin.de...
    > > "John213a" <john213a@aol.com> wrote in message
    > > news:20040521223727.03927.00001875@mb-m01.aol.com
    > > > << Anybody knows when Verizon will be out with one? I've read about
    > > > Moto V710 on some other forum but nobody knows if true or when.
    > > > >><BR><BR>
    > > > talked to someone at a Verizon store today and they have not been
    > > > told anything yet. They gave me a line that the phones have to be
    > > > tested for bugs and could be sent back to Motorola and until the
    > > > phones test out ok, they will not be released. I think more people
    > > > need to stop by and ask/demand verizon get bluetooth, then maybe it
    > > > will happen. I personally am not very happy with the M-710 as I
    > > > really don't want a camera phone, just a bluetooth one. but who
    > > > knows how long the wait will be for a second verizon bluetooth phone
    > > > when we can't seem to get any information on the the one on the
    > > > horizon. Lady also gave me a line about them having one two years
    > > > ago that no one wanted. I know they did have one, but it was no
    > > > longer available when I went with Verizon. So now I wait. :-(

    > >
    > > Here's a silly thought, instead of being a cheap ass and trying to get

    > your
    > > $100 off applied to a phone that doesn't exist, why not just buy one,

    > > is exactly what you want? I just bought one that met my needs, did an

    > > change and now have exactly the phone I want.
    > > I don't understand the idea of waiting and bitching, why not just get
    > > exactly what you want? Is there an unknown feature in Bluetooth that

    > muddles
    > > peoples brains and prevents them from buying exactly what they want
    > > elsewhere?!?!? That's like waiting for years for GM to put out a car

    > > the exact features I wanted, and finally going to Pontiac dealer and

    > buying
    > > it off the floor (and then kicking myself for not getting what I want
    > > earlier).
    > > I'm sure there must be reasons, but I don't understand it. Can anyone
    > > explain it?
    > >
    > >


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  2. _KC_

    _KC_ Guest

    "Wayne P" <Ranger9394@aol.com> wrote in message
    > "_KC_" <kc@kc.com> wrote in message

    > > "AJ" <joganjani@yahoo.com> wrote in message
    > > news:1085178525.156251@sj-nntpcache-5...
    > > > Anybody knows when Verizon will be out with one? I've read about Moto

    > > > on some other forum but nobody knows if true or when.
    > > >
    > > > Thanks,
    > > >
    > > > AJ

    > >
    > >
    > >
    > > It will be out in June. I played around with one the other day. Its a

    > > phone, little bigger than I expected but still nice. 810 will be out

    > > part of June also but it doesn't have BT on it.
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > > KC

    > KC: Will the Bluetooth on V710 be able to synchronize with PC contacts
    > and calendar entries?? Some prior comments on this newsgroup seemed to
    > indicate that verizon has requested the bluetooth feature be
    > marginalized in some fashion? Thanks for any info..Wayne

    It hasn't been hampered in any way that I am aware of but I guess its
    possible, so can't say for sure.


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