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Verizon Convert - Questions

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Steve B, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. Joel Raskin

    Joel Raskin Guest

    als@net.net (Al S) wrote in article <vmoum6hoohif61@corp.supernews.com>:
    > Is the ability to dial the last four digits of a number in your
    > phonebook a function of the phone or SPCS?
    > On my VX400 I just search for the name, select the location icon, and
    > press send - or use voice dial. When using a land line I have had to
    > look up the number on my cell phone!

    If it's a function of the phone, then Sprint's specs to its vendors must
    require that this feature be included in the phone's software - because
    it was a feature of every SPCS phone I've owned (5 different brands):
    - Qualcomm QCP-2700
    - Nokia 6185
    - Touchpoint Dualband (Denso)
    - Qualcomm Thinphone
    - Samsung SCH8500
    - LG-5250

    ======== Joel =========

    [posted via phonescoop.com]

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