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Verizon plan/ Bad Credit

Discussion in 'General Verizon Service' started by rmontgomery88, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. rmontgomery88

    rmontgomery88 New Member

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    Ok so I will try to make this as un-confusing as I can lol. In Feb 2009 I opened a Verizon account. Dec 2009 I added a second phone. In March of 2010 they ended up getting shut off due to un-forseen medical bills. I had some bills with creditors. About a week ago I paid off every bill including the verizon bill. I am currently under my ex's verizon account and would rather not be so he can't look at my calls or texts. Would I be able to get an account at Verizon again? I'm sure I would have to pay some sort of deposit if it was even possible. But i wanted to see if it would even be worth my time to go in and try to get a phone? Also, now that I paid off my bill is my old phone unlocked?

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  2. aepple

    aepple New Member

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    I'm not going to play creditor or loan officer, but i'll say that bad credit is no a good thing when trying to apply for credit, companies don't like giving credit to people they feel are a risk. I would apply, explain the situation, and see what happen, keep your expectations low but take a shot, pre-paid plans maybe an option

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  3. cybiko123

    cybiko123 Active Member

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    It depends on how bad your credit situation is. If your unpaid bills hurt your score badly, you can expect to pay either a $125 or $400 deposit, which you would get back after 12 consecutive on-time Verizon payments.

    On the other hand, they might not require a deposit at all.

    One thing to note: When Verizon runs your credit, it will be a hard inquiry, which could potentially lower your credit score.

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