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Verizon PTT - The sales contact...

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Larry W4CSC, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. Larry W4CSC

    Larry W4CSC Guest

    On Sun, 07 Sep 2003 17:20:38 GMT, "Eddie Haskel" <wiseguy@clever.com>

    >Yes Larry, I am licensed (since 1972) and a "Advanced" ticket. I own 2 UHF
    >systems, one a repeater the other a remote base system. They are both closed
    >systems, I have way too much invested to allow them as "open" systems. We
    >never needed a WR call as I have them both licensed as remotely controlled
    >BASE STATIONS. They still to this day carry my callsign. I'm active on 80-10
    >(dont care for the stuffed shirts on 160) and active on all modes on
    >6,2,440.....I do have some experiance in amatuer radio Larry. I choose to
    >NOT publish my repeaters,frequencies and callsign all over the
    >internet...anymore than I would want my telephone number and or address on
    >it either....just a good measure these days. God knows we try to be loved by
    >all, but sometimes that just doesnt happen (Right Windsorfox :) )....Eddie

    I'm terribly sorry you live in an area where you have to be so
    paranoid about letting the amateur community use your repeaters. I'd
    move if I lived there.....

    Every repeater I know of in South Carolina is an open repeater,
    privately owned or club repeaters. This is the spirit of amateur
    radio, not some little clique of the "elite" with some secret code to
    get the repeater to work for fear of someone saying "shit" on it,
    which, when it happens here, doesn't cause the sky to fall.

    Any member of our club who wants to play has the extensive control
    codes for the club's repeaters and links. We took the autopatch down
    when noone was using it to save the club telephone bill money we
    wanted to spend on more important things....like parties and steaks!
    Most everyone has cellphones, now, making it obsolete, anyways.

    One of my buds has a 147.300 repeater located 1,800' up the WCSC 2200'
    TV tower on a platform with split antennas. It's open, no tones, no
    funny business and anyone is welcome. A 50W mobile can use it nearly
    80 miles away in this flat territory. I can key it from the 55' VHF
    sailboat antenna cut for the marine band almost 70 miles at sea on the
    other side of the tower.

    I'm terribly sorry ham radio isn't as much fun for you as it always
    was for me. Sure, we've had some assholes, from time to time, but
    they usually give up and go away or are caught and fed to the
    alligators. Shit happens.

    I was down on my buddy's 41' Amel Sharpi cruising ketch until an hour
    ago. Had a great time from the marina talking to the guys on 40
    meters from the insulated backstay with the new Icom M802/AT140 HF rig
    I installed. Worked on completing the NMEA network for all our
    instruments, including the HF and VHF radios, today. The boat now has
    full GMDSS/DSC capabilities on all the marine bands.....way cool.
    I'll have PSK31, RTTY, Pactor, AMTOR, SITOR, NAVTEX, WEFAX, Packet and
    other modes I can't remember before we put to sea. Can't wait to work
    PSK31 from W4CSC/MM2 on the way to Daytona Beach and Bermuda this

    73, Larry W4CSC

    What did you say your call is? I didn't see it in your post? Why are
    you hiding behind that rock?


    Extremely intelligent life must exist in the universe.
    You can tell because they never tried to contact us.

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  2. Larry W4CSC

    Larry W4CSC Guest

    On Sun, 07 Sep 2003 18:53:21 -0500, "WindsorFox[SS]"
    <windsorfoxNO@SPAMcox.net> wrote:

    >Eddie Haskel wrote:
    >> Read the FCC rules about repeaters and remotely controlled stations. The
    >> station (Repeater) can have AUTOMATIC controls working, BUT the PRIMARY
    >> control (your autopatch) MUST be done above 222Mhz...PERIOD. If you have a 2
    >> meter AND a 222 or 440 or 900 or 1.2 Ghz in tandem thats OK...as long as you
    >> control it above 222Mhz.
    >> But then again Windsorfox.....all you have is a little "base station" and
    >> not a full fledged repeater or remote base..so no one will even notice it. I
    >> personally DONT want "autopatch" on any of my systems...I prefer a cellular
    >> to a UHF Autopatch....Autopatch is a joke...Eddie

    > You are clueless. Anyway, Yes, it's a joke, I can answer and use
    >my home phone from my car or my HT from most anywhere I go around
    >town and being 2M instead of 800MHz, it gets better penetration into
    >the Mal. And it's -0- monthy fee. I'm not laughing.

    He'd probably have fainted if he could have seen my crossband packet
    node on 14.105 running for 4 years to my 2M packet node at 330' a few
    years back. I lost interest in packet because of the net. PSK31
    fascinates me, now. Hell, it copies signals you can't even DETECT
    with your ears on 14.070!

    73, Larry W4CSC
    160M Marine Mobile is up and TUNING FINE! Can't wait for winter...(c;


    Extremely intelligent life must exist in the universe.
    You can tell because they never tried to contact us.

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