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News Verizon Samung Galaxy Tab gets a software update

Discussion in 'General Verizon Service' started by jeni_fini, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. jeni_fini

    jeni_fini New Member

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    The Samsung Galaxy Tab for Verizon finally gets a software update....but it's not Honeycomb. Not only is it not Honeycomb, but it's likely that the Samsung Galaxy Tab for Verizon will never see the Honeycomb update.

    The software update for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab is however, EC02, which will include the following:

    * improved browser performance and speed
    * searching for Wi-Fi hotspots no longer drains battery
    * hyperlinks can now be accessed directly in emails
    * Word 2000 and Word 2003 documents can now be attached to emails
    * multiple name cards can now be sent using the Select All feature
    * 5 MB video attachments can now be opened from email messages
    * changes to font size in the email client don’t go away when replying to messages anymore
    * time zone calendar settings have been fixed, calendar events are now accurate regardless of your time zone
    * Adobe Flash has been updated

    Verizon customers who own the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the update will take place over-the-air and you will be notified by your tablet, which will in turn let you know when to install the new update.

    As with many of the over-the-air updates, this will be staggered out, so not all Galaxy Tab users will receive the update all at once and may take a few days for everyone to get it.

    via: Verizon Galaxy Tab Update on the Way, It’s Definitely Not Honeycomb - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog

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