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Verizon's phones...

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Michael, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. I've used the Nokia 5185 and the Nokia 3285 with great success. I never
    considered these to be lesser phones in any way. I use the Motorola 270c
    much more now only due to specific features I use on the 270c.

    Verizon sent me a V60s. I should activate it and try it.

    "Steven J Sobol" <sjsobol@JustThe.net> wrote in message
    > James <jamesmh@excite.com> wrote:
    > This, I feel, is not Verizon's fault. As I've posted over, and over, and

    > again on this and other cellular newsgroups, Nokia didn't give two craps
    > about CDMA until recently. Their idea of a new CDMA phone, a couple years
    > ago, was to take a 5185 and repackage it with 6185 firmware and a new body
    > and call it a 3285.

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  2. mramc3

    mramc3 New Member

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    From my experiences, Nokia is is a GSM phone which can only be used on a GSM network ( Cingular, T-mobile, etc) The user interface on their phone are very easy to use, but if you use another phone, it can be just as easy to manage.

    Whether you want a GSM or CDMA is up to you. Both have their goods/bads. I feel that the CDMA phones are more reliable with signal and not having a flooded traffic time.

    You are right saying it depends where you live. But remember the combo is the phone as well as its service. Most people now are worried about form factor and a low res camera. Personally I am concerned with ease of use, form factor, and most importantly SIGNAL!

    Thats just my .02
  3. >Just curious as to why you hate flips? I like the inherent keyboard lock
    >when the flip is close[d]

    That's one reason why I went with one (lg 4400) this time. It's also easier
    to stuff into a pocket, and to keep the keys/display clean/safe without
    a case.


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