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Verizon's website shows the HTC Merge: But will it be launched or not?

Discussion in 'HTC' started by jeni_fini, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. jeni_fini

    jeni_fini New Member

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    There's been some confusion to if the HTC Merge will hit Verizon. At one point, in October, the HTC Merge was expected to launch or make an appearance, but then it was rumored that Verizon canceled the Merge.

    Now comes a banner that has appeared at Verizon's website, that indicates that the HTC Merge may still launch with Verizon. The ad that appeared on Verizon's website was the HTC Merge, but it was to advertise free text alerts, meaning, that it isn't necessarily up for sale or order via Verizon. Even though the Merge is not being sold by Verizon yet, Verizon still has made no comment whether it will carry the HTC Merge or not.

    So, it's still a mystery why Verizon would advertise the HTC Merge on it's site, even though it was for free text alerts, if they did not plan on carrying it in the near future.

    via: HTC Merge appears on Verizon’s website » Unwired View

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