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version 8 firmware for LG 4400

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Harry J, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. Joel

    Joel Guest

    "Elector" <elector@my-deja.com> wrote:

    > "Joel" <dont@spamme.com> wrote in message
    > news:20135720.23079984@anonymous.com...
    > dont@spamme.com (Joel) wrote:
    > >Well, I went to Dodge Street to get v8 upgraded. After waiting for
    > >almost an hour to my turn, and around 40 minutes later the tech told

    > me
    > >the phone got fried and replaced another one. She told me that the

    > new
    > >phone should have latest S/W version, I took the new phone and left

    > the
    > >store, at the parking lot I checked and it shows v6. I went back and
    > >told the same tech that the current firmware version is v8, and she
    > >checked with other tech and they tried to upgrade it again.

    > >Well, after 30-40 minutes later (usually takes much less but they ran
    > >into some problem so it took longer) and she told me they fried

    > another
    > >one. I then got another replacement and will stay with v6 for

    > awhile, I
    > >may bring it to the Center store see if they have any luck there.

    > >Anyway, thank for the information.

    > Yes and that in of its self maybe something to watch out for. Fried
    > Cell Phones via Updates. I never even had that thought cross my mind.
    > And I have had the version update and find the sound now lousy. Maybe
    > I should go back and have them reflash it back to version 6.
    > Elector

    I went back to the Center Rd store and the tech told me that the
    version 8 they have doesn't work, and asked me to come back in few weeks
    see if they will have better version.

    Well, they replaced my phone (refurbished I guess) with other one has
    ZERO minute used. So I have no problem with that.

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  2. Joel

    Joel Guest

    fonedocssssss@spam.com (Fonedoc .) wrote:

    > There is only one version of the .08 s/w. It takes about 20 mins to
    > load.

    I guessed she meant to tell the other tech that *if* the version they
    have reports something then stop right there cuz it will not work, and
    wait for the bug fixed version (or newer version with bug fixed).

    BTW, I went back to the Center store this morning and they can't get
    it to upgraded either. They asked me to come back in few weeks see if
    they will have a better version.

    > Fonedoc
    > "It's just a phone people!"=20
    > dont@spamme.com (Joel) wrote in article
    > <23082768.23079792@anonymous.com>:
    > > fonedocssssss@spam.com (Fonedoc .) wrote:
    > >=20
    > > > The Dodge Street address now has this s/w.

    > >=20
    > > Thanks for the information. Last week (few days ago), I have =

    > > with the Center store and they have v8 available too *but* the =

    > > they have doesn't work with my VX4400, and they asked me to bring the
    > > phone back sometime this week to try *another* v8 they expect to have=

    > > available this week.
    > >=20
    > > BTW, before they tried to upgrade one of the tech has mentioned to
    > > other tech that the v8 they have may and may not work.
  3. Fred

    Fred Guest

    Well I guess my question to Richard Ruiz is WHO are you refering to when
    you say "we"?
    Just got off the phone with the Sarasota store & they said they have it BUT
    it's not released to the public yet.

    What gives?
    Verison still has different strokes for different folks?????

    rich99_3@hotmail.com (Richard Ruiz) wrote in

    > in case you have yet to hear, we now have vzv08 s/w for the 4400.
    > Just thought id share that.

    SNIP>> >
    >> Just called Sarasota FL store this morning.
    >> Tech said version 8 has not been released to the public yet.
    >> He claims they (at the store) are unable to d-load the version until
    >> it's publicly released.
    >> My question is how is it all you other people have version 8 software
    >> available to you now?
    >> Does Verison have different staokes for different folks?????

    > [posted via phonescoop.com]

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