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VX6000 Working in Rural Areas?

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Diane K. Jensen, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. Larry W4CSC

    Larry W4CSC Guest

    And my 3W AMPS bagphone on the car antenna works even better because
    my antenna is larger with more gain than Onstar's. AMPS simply works
    better that far from the towers.

    On Thu, 18 Sep 2003 21:15:07 -0400, "John" <jrwilley@voicenet.com>

    >Must disagree.
    >My '03 Acura Onstar cellular has better coverage than:
    >AT&T tri-band
    >T-Mobile analog/digital
    >Sprint PCS
    >I am able to use Onstar on just about every road I've tried-- and I've tried
    >a bunch. Same spots where you can forget coverage on each of the "regular"
    >phones I've tried over the past 6 years. Not quantitative, but I'm pretty
    >solidly convinced..........
    >"Eddie Haskel" <wiseguy@clever.com> wrote in message
    >> Hey Larry!
    >> They didnt use AMPS phones for "Onstar" for range and clarity, they used
    >> them because they could sell OLD technology and trainloads of OLD style

    >> radios to Genital Motors. It was either recycle them into new metal for
    >> Honda's or sell them with custom software to "Onstar". Ask most ANY Onstar
    >> owner about the quality of the service and they will cringe...Eddie
    >> "Larry W4CSC" <nospam@home.com> wrote in message
    >> news:3f6463fe.133791159@news.knology.net...
    >> > On Sat, 13 Sep 2003 23:56:06 -0400, "Diane K. Jensen"
    >> > <dkjwebs@pobox.com> wrote:
    >> >
    >> > >No one seemed to be able to answer this question properly, so I took my

    >> new
    >> > >6000 for a test drive. I got five miles east of I-75 and had no cell

    >> phone
    >> > >coverage at all. Nothing. Nada. Just as I expected. So I took the

    >> phone
    >> > >back to Verizon and replaced it with the 4400. The technician told me

    >> that
    >> > >all cell phones will be going to digital mode only soon, like the 6000,

    >> but
    >> > >that is going to be a major problem for us here in Florida.
    >> >
    >> > The technician is singing the company line trying to keep you from
    >> > buying AMPS analog capable phones. The current FCC regulations say
    >> > they can, but don't have to, turn analog off on Feb 18, 2008. This
    >> > date has been extended several times because there were still users on
    >> > AMPS, like OnStar in the cars, which depends on AMPS for RANGE and
    >> > RELIABILITY. The date is still not cast in stone.
    >> >
    >> > The company's attempt to sell phones with no analog feature is an
    >> > attempt to get AMPS off the air to increase revenues, which is
    >> > understandable. FCC won't let 'em turn AMPS off if there are still a
    >> > substantial number of AMPS users, which there are in all rural areas
    >> > where a 200 milliwatt phone's 2 mile range doesn't impress rural
    >> > customers who demand, and get, AMPS phones and service with the 3 watt
    >> > transmitters. No matter whether they are on AMPS or some digital
    >> > modulation scheme, the tiny transmitters are still subject to radio
    >> > propagation physics, no matter how much hype the company produces.
    >> > UHF transmitters don't ever work good in the trees, especially pine
    >> > trees full of needles that act like absorptive antennas to UHF energy.
    >> > More power is needed in heavily forested areas so there is enough
    >> > signal left after 5 miles to reach the AMPS towers spaced wider apart
    >> > than the little phones can tolerate.
    >> >
    >> >
    >> > They're going
    >> > >to eventually replace all the analog towers with digital ones, but that

    >> will
    >> > >probably take years here as there are so few digital towers except in

    >> > >big cities. I took the test drive again with the 4400, and when I got

    >> > >the same spot where the 6000 died, my 4400 switched over to AT&T's

    >> > >network and all was fine. So maybe an all-digital phone will work
    >> > >elsewhere, but forget about it here in Florida!
    >> > >
    >> > Florida isn't special. Once you get away from the major road
    >> > arteries, mostly interstate highways, and away from minor cities who
    >> > may have had CDMA added to increase capacity, you're in AMPS country.
    >> > Rural South Carolina is AMPS country about 5 miles away from these
    >> > roads. It's why I carry a Motorola TX200 AMPS 3W bagphone to ensure
    >> > good service. Even then, I sometimes have to use a more powerful
    >> > outside antenna to reach the towers through the Southern forests.
    >> >
    >> > You did the right thing, even if the company doesn't particularly like
    >> > it.
    >> >
    >> >
    >> >
    >> > Larry W4CSC
    >> >
    >> > 3600 planes with transponders are burning 8-10 million
    >> > gallons of kerosene per hour over the USA. R-12 car air
    >> > conditioners are responsible for the ozone hole, right?



    Larry W4CSC

    3600 planes with transponders are burning 8-10 million
    gallons of kerosene per hour over the USA. R-12 car air
    conditioners are responsible for the ozone hole, right?

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