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Want to buy new phone for wife's birthday

Discussion in 'General Verizon Service' started by jftuga, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. jftuga

    jftuga New Member

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    My wife and I are on Verizon and she has had her current phone for over 3 years. We have recently began synchronizing our calendars which has been extremely helpful to us. She logs into Google Mail on her Macbook and goes to the calendar to put in events. Her current phone does not synchronize - it is completely standalone. I have a Treo 650p that I synchronize at work with my work calendar (MS Outlook). I have also installed Google Calendar Sync with her credentials and do a one way sync: from Google to Outlook. This way, I have both my work calendar and home calendar saved on both Outlook and my Treo 650p. This is a great solution for us.

    She says she would like a phone similar to mine - one that has a qwerty keyboard. It could be the style where the keyboard slides out and you rotate the phone 90 degrees to do the typing. Or it could be like the Treo 650p. Neither one of us use text messaging. We would use the keyboard to input calendar events or notes. I guess a virtual keyboard would be OK as long as it actually works well.

    So her requirements are:
    Has to work with her MacBook (running Leopard)
    Has to play MP3s (this will replace her dying iPod Shuffle, too)
    Qwerty Keyboard
    weigh less than my Treo 650p (she thinks this is slightly too heavy)
    Has to sync to/from google calendar (or another desktop calendar (for the MacBook) as a go-between would be sufficient)
    I'd like to try to stay in the $150-$200 range and do not mind renewing the 2 year contract.
    I would prefer a phone that takes the stamp sized SD card, but would settle for mirco SD.
    Speaker phone would be nice, but is optional.
    Must work on verizon. :)

    I would be really appreciate anyone who could help me narrow down my choices. I don't keep up with cell phones so I am not sure which vendors / models are really good and which ones are not so good.

    Thanks for your time,

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