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Websites to download mobile games free

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by freefreehouse@yahoo.com, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. List of websites to download mobile games free -- free ringtones,
    ringtone, mobile videos, ringtones, mobile video, free mp3 ringtone,
    download ringtones, music ringtone,

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  2. Larry

    Larry Guest

    freefreehouse@yahoo.com wrote in news:1d0e7dfa-3085-49c0-a9c9-

    > List of websites to download mobile games free -- free ringtones,
    > ringtone, mobile videos, ringtones, mobile video, free mp3 ringtone,
    > download ringtones, music ringtone,
    > http://www.geocities.com/freefreemobile/

    (over 60. Start there. Game console VMs add thousands more)

    Our virtual game machines keep growing:
    Scumm VM
    Nintendo Gameboy Advance Emulator:
    (several newsgroups are loaded with Gameboy games)
    Nintendo Entertainment and Famicon Emulator:
    (even emulates the 8-bit 6502 processor code)
    Colecovision Emulator:
    Quake II data packs machine:
    NeoGeo Emulator:
    Powerful front end for NeoGeo emulator:
    Gameboy and Gameboy Color Emulator:
    (lots games on usenet from old Gameboys)
    Sega games emulator:
    (also emulates SC-3000 home computer with SF-7000 disk drive)
    I have no idea how many games are available to play on all these virtual
    machines. Each one takes on a cult of its own....

    We use this freeware VM to play Palm Games:

    (Here's 985 more freeware games if you have a Palm virtual machine

    (Here's who knows how many more...thousands?)

    (Just a few more, in case you get bored.)

    And, this one should be BANNED! Play it last, say, over a month
    vacation the wife dragged you into to visit her relatives:

    This deceivingly simple-looking gravity-based physics game belongs to
    its deceivingly simple-looking users. Devious children, who should be
    permanently locked up in the deepest dungeon, as punishment for the
    thousands of hours of lost productive time adults are STILL spending
    trying to get the red thingy to crash into the yellow thingys from games
    designed by their devious little minds, that should be CRUSHED before
    the planet is consumed by the anarchy they must be capable of. They
    must be "eliminated" from naive societies across the planet. Their
    devious games are posted for the unwary on:
    Do not be deceived by the childish-looking drawings. These can bring
    whole corporations to their knees! The plethora of new games devised by
    the deviant "siminz" make the war plans of the Pentagon look like a walk
    in the park. The deceivingly simple instructions are on the Linux
    terrorists' homepage:

    You have been warned.......
    Test it. Boot Numpty Physics at any group of people. Hand it to the
    person to your right. No matter how long you sit there, days, weeks, as
    long as the display stays lit, they'll play it, even ignoring the
    beautiful naked lap dancer's advances trying to draw their attention
    away from it!

    .......DAMN! I overshot the yellow thingy, again!

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