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where to buy for best post-purchase help?

Discussion in 'General Verizon Service' started by GooGone, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. GooGone

    GooGone New Member

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    I am buying my first cell phone this afternoon. I've pretty much decided on the Droid 2. I may need quite a bit of help learning to use it. I am considering buying at either Best Buy or the actual Verizon store; they are both equally close to my house.

    I am assuming that as questions come up about how to use the phone, in the coming weeks and months, I can stop in at the place of purchase and ask the staff there for help? Do you think one or the other (Best Buy versus Verizon store) would have more knowledgeable or more helpful staff?

    It's my understanding that I can call Verizon's toll-free customer service for how-to questions and expect the same degree of assistance regardless of whether I bought at Best Buy versus the Verizon store. Is that right? Are the people at Verizon's toll-free number very helpful?

    I'm generally quite impressed with customer service at Best Buy; the employees are good listeners and eager to help. They do not work on commission. The Verizon staff might know more about my particular phone, but they work on commission and I fear they may not be as eager to help, or as customer-oriented, as the Best Buy employees.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreicated. Thanks!

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