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Which phone can sync to my mac without a data plan?

Discussion in 'General Verizon Service' started by highnote, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. highnote

    highnote New Member

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    I need to get a new verizon phone, but I do not want to have any data package.
    I DO want to be able to sync my phone with my iCal and contact book on my mac.
    I can do the sync manually (usb) or bluetooth.

    I cannot get a smartphone because they require a data plan. So please do not suggest a droid, blackberry, etc.

    I do need the phone to have a keyboard, so I can edit/add contacts and appointments on the phone itself.

    Which phone(s) would be able to do the things I need?
    If I need to purchase third-party software to make the sync possible, which software?

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  2. cybiko123

    cybiko123 Active Member

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    Get a cheap LG or Samsung phone that doesn't require a data plan (doesn't really matter which phone, go with what you like; I happen to like the LG Cosmos). If it doesn't come with one, get the appropriate data cable on Amazon. Download BitPim and set it up.

    You now have calendar sync (along with many other features) without a data plan.

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