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Why no names on Verizon caller ID?

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Mark, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. Alan M.

    Alan M. Guest

    Another twist is that I remember a while (year or two?) ago that included
    with my vzw bill was a note that said that starting soon, subscriber info
    would sent along with the number. For whatever reason that never

    "CharlesH" <hoch@exemplary.invalid> wrote in message
    > In article <N4ednbfbw4Ml-R3dRVn-ig@lmi.net>,
    > Steven J Sobol <sjsobol@JustThe.net> wrote:
    > >Alan M. <letsgohokies@hotmail.com> wrote:
    > >> Apparently Verizon and T-Mobile have such an agreement, as do Verizon

    > >> Cingular. Interesting that Verizon and Verizon Wireless do not.

    > >
    > >Yup. And SBC and Sprint PCS also had such an agreement so that Sprint

    > >subscribers' names showed up on SBC landline caller ID, but that ended

    > >they got into a fight about compensation for the database dips...

    > A bit of detail here... In the landline network, the caller-id number
    > info comes along with the rest of the call setup info, but the name is
    > NOT included. The end switch has to make a separate database "dip" in
    > the caller's database to map the number to a name in order to send it
    > to the called phone, and contracts specifying the cost/dip have to be
    > in place. For whatever reason, most wireless providers don't provide
    > that database to the landline carrier. In the "old days", wireless
    > providers had a much more primitive connection to the landline system
    > (sort of like a super PBX rather than a peer phone company), but that
    > excuse doesn't apply anymore.
    > Similar contracts would have to be in place for landline->wireless calls,
    > but I am not sure if the protocol to the wireless phone supports caller
    > id name.

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