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Why no sub-$40 plans

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by NeoTrinity, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. Ray Dios

    Ray Dios Guest

    Lousy C.S.
    I took Nextel over 1 week to activate my phone. At least 10 calls to my
    account rep went unanswered during this time. (It was worth the $200 early
    termination fee!)
    Glad to have VZW back, and they kept my old phone number for me! it feels
    good to be home again!

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  2. XFF wrote:
    > Scott Stephenson <scott.stephensonson@adelphia.net> wrote in message news:<UKibb.1186$qK1.1258010@news2.news.adelphia.net>...
    >>1.4 million? What is your source for this number- third quarter won't
    >>be announced for another month.

    > It's actually 1.295 M additions from end of Q1 to end of Q2. Here's
    > the complete list (set reader to fixed-width font to view correctly):
    > wireless carriers 03/03 06/03
    > ================= --------------
    > 1. Verizon Wireless VZ/VOD 33.324 34.619
    > 2. Cingular Wireless BLS/SBC 22.114 22.640
    > 3. AT&T Wireless Services AWE 21.142 21.493
    > 4. Sprint PCS PCS 18.243 18.8 M
    > direct 14.959 15.29M
    > resale .590
    > affiliate 2.694
    > 5. Nextel Communications NXTL/NXTP 11.092 11.683
    > 6. T-Mobile DT 10.837 11.443
    > 7. ALLTEL AT 7.761 7.872
    > 8. U.S. Cellular USM 4.240 4.343
    > 9. Dobson Cellular Systems DCEL 1.411 1.565
    > Dobson Communications 718.9k 867.6k
    > American Cellular 692.1k 697.5k
    > 10.Western Wireless WWCA 1.216 1.231
    > 11.Rural Cellular Corporation RCCC 728.7k 739.0k
    > 12.Centennial Wireless CYCL 538.9k 540.9k

    Correct on the number- it is 1.295M. However, all of this balance sheet
    exploration made me do a little more digging. And based on subscriber
    numbers, Verizon doesn't seem to be holding all of the good numbers:

    Bad Debt (as a percentage of total revenue)- Verizon Wireless
    5.37% Nextel 1.00%

    Is this due to a number of people leaving without paying?

    Cash Cost per Handset- Verizon Wireless $30.19
    Nextel $23.00

    Nextel comes in 24% lower on this

    Cash on hand- Verizon Wireless $820M
    Nextel $2,420M

    Churn- Verizon Wireless 1.7%
    Nextel 1.6%

    May look like a wash, but we are talking 1.7% of 34.619M
    subscribers (roughly 581,000 subscribers) as opposed to 1.6% of
    11.683M subscibers (roughly 187,000 subscibers)

    ARPU- Verizon Wireless $48.66
    Nextel $69.00

    A long way to go.

    Operating (Net) Income- Verizon Wireless $981M
    Nextel $549M

    Almost 3 times the subsciber base (296% to be exact), but Operating
    Income is only 79% higher.

    The subsciber number is always thrown around. After all, Verizon does
    have the most wireless subscibers in the nation, and people are always
    quick to point that out. But it appears that they may not the best or
    most efficient at performing financially, and I wonder how these
    inefficiencies are going to impact VZ if WNP does become an issue for
    them (I don't think it will, but nobody will know for sure until it
  3. NeoTrinity

    NeoTrinity Guest

    "NeoTrinity" <neotrinity@bigfoot.com> wrote in message
    > Here in southern AZ (85701), Verizon does not offer a local or national

    > for less then $39.95. All the other providers in the area offer $20 and

    > plans. Why not Verizon?
    > It would be nice to have Verizon's coverage on a plan where I would get
    > about 200 to 250 minutes for abut $30.
    > -neotrinity

    Thanks for all the replies. It appears from some of the posts that there
    maybe a $35 AC plan available if I ask for it. But that would only be $5
    cheaper then the other so I'm not sure its that much more enticing.

  4. NeoTrinity

    NeoTrinity Guest

    "tristero" <tristero@waste.net> wrote in message
    > Still, I'll stand by the final point :) The OP needs to calculate his
    > real monthly expenses across multiple providers and plans. The base
    > monthly rate is only part of that and can't be used by itself as a
    > useful basis of comparison.
    > If after having done reasonable comparisons he doesn't like what
    > Verizon has to offer, I don't understand why he doesn't just take his
    > business to a competitor. It's not as if this is a monopoly market.
    > If we wants Verizon to lower prices, supporting the competition is his
    > best possible move. Complaining about prices on an alt newsgroup is a
    > somewhat less effective strategy...

    Your right, I dont have to do business with Verizon. I wasn't complaining
    about the prices, I was just inquiring if there were other options than what
    was listed on the website (which there appears to be). As it stands right
    now, ATT has the most cost-effective plans for my area base on initial costs
    and monthly usage. My not have the same coverage as Verizon, but it is
    close on TDMA. That may change by the time I finally decide on a plan, or
    it may not.

  5. Clay

    Clay Guest

    The 'T'alk 'W'atch fee is a monthly monitoring charge for credit limit
    accounts. Either you have bad credit, no credit or chose a credit limit
    account. $5 a month for 9 months beats a $500 deposit any day. But either
    way that fee is optional if you have decent credit or would rather pay a
    deposit. The S/F Excise is something specific you where you live because it
    doesnt appear on any of my bills. Regardless of how you choose to do the
    math the
    "Regulatory and Administrative Surcharge" on Western Wireless dba
    CellularONE accounts is $.97 per month.

    "About Dakota" <aboutdakota@REMOVEMEhotmail.com> wrote in message
    > The "Regulatory and Administrative Surcharge" is 0.97. There is also TW
    > Administrative Fee of 5.00, so far equalling 5.97, next comes the S/F
    > Excise of 1.47 (it's called something like that, I don't have that
    > charge with Cingular). 5.97 + 1.47 = 7.44, plus sales taxes. I think
    > that's pretty close to 7.50 per month. In any case, I don't use
    > CellularONE anymore, so it doesn't really matter.
    > AD
    > Clay wrote:
    > > Its only $.97 for CellularONE not $7.50 like you claim.
    > >
    > >
    > > "About Dakota" <glaeske@REMOVEMEyifan.net> wrote in message
    > > news:3F6E3CA3.3060609@REMOVEMEyifan.net...
    > >
    > >>Read a little bit more carefully:
    > >>
    > >>In a mailing insert from CellularOne (West):
    > >>
    > >>"The Regulatory and Administration Surcharge is neither a tax, nor

    > >
    > > madated"
    > >
    > >>Those fees are used to upgrade the network to FCC standards. That
    > >>income is used solely for the wireless carrier. You should have
    > >>something similar on your bill, call your wireless company and inquire
    > >>about it. You might be surprised.
    > >>
    > >>AD
    > >>
    > >>Steven J Sobol wrote:
    > >>
    > >>>About Dakota <aboutdakota@removemehotmail.com> wrote:
    > >>>
    > >>>
    > >>>>Yeah, once Extend America comes online, it might change. Extend

    > >>>>is going to start at about the time WNP comes into effect. Maybe they
    > >>>>might have some really good plans, allowing people to keep their old
    > >>>>phone numbers. And since they'll have an up-to-date network,

    > >>>>they won't have any of those "Regulatory and Administrative

    > >>>
    > >>>
    > >>>Regulatory Surcharges generally means "we're required by law to collect
    > >>>these fees and forward them to the FCC and/or other government
    > >>

    > > agencies."
    > >
    > >
    > >

  6. David S

    David S Guest

    On Mon, 22 Sep 2003 23:08:04 -0000, Bill@MountainWirelessNOSPAM.com (Bill
    Radio) chose to add this to the great equation of life, the universe, and

    >Most agents don't know about the $34.99 AC plan: 300 Minutes,
    >w/Unlimited N&W, 9pm, no MtoM. Most CS agents say there's no such plan
    >until you give them the Code number, NA1C. Then they put you on hold
    >trying to figure out what went wrong.

    I dunno about the 9PM, but that plan is right on the web site for Chicago.
    Try any zip code starting 601-606.

    David Streeter, "an internet god" -- Dave Barry
    Expect a train on ANY track at ANY time.
    "I was teased because I had a really flat-looking nose and before I got
    braces my teeth used to stick out a bit." - Catherine Zeta-Jones

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