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Will Verizon Wireless phone work in bahamas?

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by TooTall, Feb 21, 2004.

  1. TooTall

    TooTall Guest

    My parents are taking a trip and my dad wants to know if his cell phone will
    work in the Bahamas?

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  2. Michael

    Michael Guest

    If you have a tri-mode phone, it should work in the amps mode in Nassau.
    However, Verizon doesn't have a roaming agreement with Bahamas Telephone so
    you will have to go to one of their offices and pay to have your phone
    activated. (Don't try doing it over the phone once you get there as when
    you dial "0" or 611, it just rings forever and no one answers.) Once you
    are set up, I don't believe that calls to your Verizon number will be
    forwarded to you in the Bahamas. Instead, I believe people will have to
    call you at whatever Bahamas number is installed on your phone.

    You will also have problems using a credit card or long distance card for
    land line phones in the Bahamas. You will find that most pay phones and
    hotel phones are programmed so that you can't call the 1-800 number
    specifically set up to work in the Bahamas by AT&T, Sprint & other
    carriers. Instead, you will be required to call a Bahamas number for which
    there is a hefty connect charge that will either show up on your hotel bill
    or must be deposited immediately in the pay phone you are calling from.

    In short, long distance calling from the Bahamas is like having a nightmare
    where you keep trying to call 911 and nothing goes through. The easiest
    way is simply to make the call from your hotel phone and pay the arm and a
    leg charges the hotel imposes. <Sigh>

    "TooTall" <a@a.com> wrote in message
    > My parents are taking a trip and my dad wants to know if his cell phone

    > work in the Bahamas?
  3. PDA Man

    PDA Man Guest

    Michael is right on the money. When I went, with my Verizon phone, what I
    had done was call the company in advance and gave them my Mobile Number and
    ESN and told them my arrival date. I cant remeber if they asked for CC# or
    not. But it worked when I arrived.

    A quick Google search yielded this interesting tidbit from June 2003 It
    appears BTC is a TDMA AMPS system so Dad will have to Force Analog to use
    the phone their. When I was there some 5 years or so it was all analog
    Also its your lucky day. Google found a POST on a Cruiseline Forum and a guy
    who works for BaTelCo in the ROAMING Dept ( maybe there really is a God?)
    posted an answer and gave hin email addy out and said drop a line and hell
    make sure the phone is ready. Well you cant beat that!! Gotta love that

    Funny I should have come across this thread, b/c I work in the
    Roaming/Network Repair Bureau for the company in question. Yes, you "should"
    be able to use your phone in Nassau, but it is not always a given.
    Unfortunately, Batelco (Bahamas Telecommunications) doesn't always have
    everyone's numbers (line ranges) loaded. If you email me offline with some
    info, I can check and make sure things "should" work for you. Or if you have
    any other questions about roaming. My personal email is

    There is Verizon Wireless of Puerto Rico, but I'll have to check and see if
    it is true "home" rates. As far as St. Maarten or St. Thomas, I don't
    believe we have roaming agreements in place.

    Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.


    Nortel picks up GSM contract in The Bahamas (19-Jun-03)

    The Bahamas Telecommunications Company, (BTC), the primary telecom operator
    in the Bahamas, has selected Nortel Networks as the exclusive provider for
    evolution of its wireless data network to a GSM/GPRS infrastructure.

    Under a new supply agreement, Nortel Networks will provide both core and
    access solutions from its Wireless Data Networks portfolio to overlay BTC's
    existing TDMA infrastructure with a GSM/GPRS network. The network
    integration will include implementation of EDGE (Enhanced Data GSM
    Evolution)-ready technology to support migration to 3G wireless services.
    The first phase of the project will allow BTC to roll out services like
    mobile Web browsing, streaming audio and video, and multimedia messaging,
    starting with the islands of New Providence and Grand Bahama.

    Nortel Networks GSM/GPRS technology will position BTC to increase network
    capacity while driving down operational costs. The overlay will also support
    GSM roaming services with BTC's global roaming partners of choice.

    "TooTall" <a@a.com> wrote in message
    > My parents are taking a trip and my dad wants to know if his cell phone

    > work in the Bahamas?
  4. Gator

    Gator Guest

    As a matter of interest, I took a bag
    analog phone on a cruise to the
    Bahamas a few years ago and it
    had tremendous range back to the

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