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ATT vs. Verizon - ATT Rant!

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by * * Chas, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. * * Chas

    * * Chas Guest

    "David S" <dwstreeter@spamisnaughty.att.net> wrote in
    message news:79pld095aujel048uruncp4kvlqhot3lbh@4ax.com...
    > On Thu, 24 Jun 2004 08:14:31 GMT, "* * Chas"

    <dnafutz@aol.spam.com> chose
    > to add this to the great equation of life, the universe,

    and everything:
    > >"David S" <dwstreeter@spamisnaughty.att.net> wrote in
    > >message

    > >> On Fri, 18 Jun 2004 01:44:24 GMT, "* * Chas"

    > ><dnafutz@aol.spam.com> chose
    > >> to add this to the great equation of life, the

    > >and everything:
    > >>
    > >> >When I'm in the middle of Indiana or Illinois, people

    ask me
    > >> >what service I have because "Nobody's phones work out
    > >> >here.".
    > >>
    > >> Where in Illinois does ATT work and VZW not work?

    > >
    > >Please re-read my message. I said nothing about VZW

    > >that I was considering dropping AT&T in favor of VZW.
    > >
    > >I was complaining about AT&T's crappy service on the East
    > >and West Coasts.
    > >
    > >I was in the Newark, NJ area on Sunday and Monday and the
    > >AT&T coverage sucked!
    > >
    > >Tuesday and Wednesday I was traveling all over NW

    > >and the service was great!
    > >
    > >I don't really care much whether the connections are

    > >or analog when I'm in an extended range situation. I just
    > >want to be able to send and receive intelligible calls
    > >without being dropped every 10 seconds!

    > You quoted "people" as saying "Nobody's phones work out

    here." I
    > interpreted "nobody" as including VZW. You have AT&T.

    Therefore, AFAICT,
    > you are claiming that AT&T works in places in Illinois and

    Indiana where
    > VZW doesn't. I would like to know where those places are.

    I made an anecdotal comment do I get graded on it?

    If you must know, several years ago I was traveling around
    central Indiana on business. The people I was with were
    business professionals who live in the area so I assume that
    they were savvy about cellular service in the region. They
    made that comment.

    It was in the rural area between Monticello, Lafayette and
    Logansport. The signal wasn't great but at least I could
    make and receive calls.

    Someone I was working with in rural Illinois west of Chicago
    made a similar comment last fall. He currently uses T-Mobile
    but has tried all of the major carriers.

    There, happy!

    My rant was about the declining quality of AT&T's service!
    If you re-read my original message I stated that I'm
    considering switching to Verizon!

    Foreyes has a special running on glasses!
    Chas. verktyg@aol.spamski.com (Drop spamski to E-mail

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