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How is Samsung SCH-A530? and Shared Plans

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Slick Willy, May 2, 2004.

  1. Slick Willy

    Slick Willy Guest

    My daughter will be porting her Cingular number over to Verizon for better
    coverage at the end of this month when her contract is up. I went to a mall
    store with her this weekend and she likes the size and feel of the Samsung
    SCH-530 phone. Her 2nd choice is the Audiovox CDM8600 that I have - I told
    her the user interface on this could be improved. I'll be getting her a
    data cable and connection S/W on ebay for whatever phone she uses so she can
    have internet access on her computer for nights and weekends.

    1. Any comments on how the SCH-530 performs and how people like the user

    2. Anybody looked at the benefits of having a separate account versus
    family share plan? She'll be living on the left coast with her right coast
    phone number she has had for 4 years. The rest of the family is on the
    right coast. I know only the primary phone gets unlimited In-network
    calling on a shared plan unless you pay $10/mos more. She will start out
    with AC 400 min/mos plan plus $4.99/mos mobile web.

    Thanks for your opinions

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  2. Slick Willy writes:

    > 1. Any comments on how the SCH-530 performs and how people like the user
    > interface?

    I've had the SCH a530 for about six weeks now and am very pleased with
    it. For the previous several years I had been satisfied with a StarTAC
    7868w. My main reason for switching was to get a 1X capable phone. The
    first phone I tried was a Motorola V60s--took it back after two days due
    to terrible battery life.

    The a530 has been terrific for data use, although it was a bit of a pain
    to get set up. The user interface is fine, but I haven't yet figured
    out a good way to light up the keypad when the phone is in use. Battery
    life is outstanding. Voice quality is okay. All in all, a great phone
    (assuming you don't need analog).

    Theodore Heise <theo@heise.nu> Bloomington, IN, USA

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