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Samsung 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by nicknrm, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. nicknrm

    nicknrm Super Moderator

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    I'm here in LA, been testing out the Samsung 4G Mobile Hotspot by Verizon and am still unsure of what to think.

    So far, 4G signal remains stable and has little issues connecting to the internet. I have never entered 3G. It remains powered by 4G.

    The speeds, however, have been a bit disappointing. Yes, the speeds are lightning fast when compared to Sprint's WiMax or T-Mobile's HSPA+, but they are still much slower than originally advertised. Another issue is that that the speed Verizon expects you to be receiving is not clearly defined. Many representatives have quoted me various speeds (some say 2-5MBPS download, others 5-12 MBPS download).

    I am averaging between 1.5MBPS-2.5 (occasionally 3.5) MBPS. Upload speeds are ridiculously fast at an average of 15MBPS.

    When I use the WiFi connectivity on my iPhone to connect to the mobile hotspot, the iPhone internet speeds are actually slower than the computer's speeds. The iPhone gets 0.60MBPS-1.5MBPS...NEVER any higher.

    I contacted Verizon to troubleshoot the issue. The advised that they are constantly updating the LTE network and that in the near future it will become much, much faster.

    LTE has the potential to reach speeds comparable to fast cable based internet. Right now, LTE is sitting at the average speed of DSL internet.

    Is LTE reliable? Yes. It is very reliable. More reliable than 3G. It never loses connection. I never receive a page error. When I power on the mobile hotspot, it instantly connects me to the internet.

    Any LTE related questions? Shoot them to me here on this thread and I'll see if I can answer them!

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  2. jdeg

    jdeg Administrator Staff Member

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    Nick have you seen this get any better lately?

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