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Samsung car charger for A310 mystery

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Alex, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. Alex

    Alex Guest

    I have 3 Samsung A310 phones in the house. At one point I ordered 2
    genuine Samsung car chargers at, I think, about $20 each. It took me
    awile before I realized either of them didn't charge the batteries. I
    might have noticed it earlier, had I paid attention to the fact that
    the charge indicator on phone didn't go on. I decided to give a third
    party charger a try, and got one for about $5. Works just fine,
    excellent charger.
    Ok, then I decided to give Samsung a call. They said it was too late
    to return the items, but I could get a replacement under the warranty,
    which I did (had to pay for delivery, though). The did send me
    replacement chargers...which didn't work either. This time I wrote
    Samsung a letter demanding my money back. Instead, they sent me two
    more chargers, which (you guessed it) don't work either.

    So I end up with 4 genuine non-working Samsung chargers, plus two more
    cheap no-brand chargers, which work just fine.

    Besides the obvious need to vent out my anger about Samsung's handling
    of this matter, the reason I post this is the mystery that bugs me:
    why I seem to be the only one complaining? Do YOU own a car charger
    for the SCH-A310? Are you sure it works properly (meaning, the
    battery actualy does charge)? I tried all 3 of my phones, and I am
    quite certain that these chargers do not work with SCH-A310.

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