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Verizon's Samsung SCH-a610 and Datapilot

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Sharon Westfall, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. I'm thinking of getting my daughter the above phone when she comes home
    from Japan, since she's used to having a camera phone. I know her other
    phone was better; she had a flash card that she could use to transfer
    pictures and movies to her computer with.

    I'm reading that to move your pictures on the a610, you need to mail the
    pictures to yourself at 25 cents a pop. Datapilot makes a data cable
    that fits the a610. It says it has image editing capabilities, so does
    that mean it can retrieve pictures from the phone too? I think like my
    other daughter's Motorola phone, the wallpaper upload has been disabled.
    There's also a ringtone composer, but I'm guessing uploading ringtones
    have been disabled on the Verizon phones to force you to use GIN

    To me, if she's going to be forced to use airtime and pay extra to use
    the camera, we might as well wait til the phone capabilities are
    somewhat decently up to par with what she has now, and instead of the
    a610 we should just get the SCH-a650, the other current 2-1 special
    that's camera-less and cheaper.

    *********************** PIYO / \ PIYO *************************
    * Sharon Westfall < ^ \ Soc.Cuture.Hawaii *
    * westfal@lava.net | ) Get your SCH Logowear here!*
    * \/\____/ www.Cafepress.com/sch *
    ********************************** > *****************************

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