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VX10: Sending a Text Message HELP!!

Discussion in 'alt.cellular.verizon' started by Put Your Name Here, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. Yeah. All the companies need to look into the Ericsson T39. I have a
    T-28 on VoiceStream (T-Mobile) and it is a stellar phone. None of
    that crappy echoing we all suffer through or dropping calls, like on

    I think it is partly the very high quality of Ericsson phones. I will
    deeply miss the old T-28. Got a new VX10 now with this service. i
    honestly don't know how all you folks can stand that echo.


    On Sun, 31 Aug 2003 05:29:27 GMT, "Booger" <nospam@please.com> wrote:

    >"Don Gaikins" <dgaikinsr@earthlink.net> wrote in message
    >> When you press the little button for pim, then you will get the number
    >> look up screen. If you press select a second time after the request for
    >> the number, then the list of numbers in your phone book will appear.
    >> Not alphabetically, though. They come up numerically.

    >And there lies the problem Don. I do not make use of where a name is listed
    >numerically nor can I remember that my friend Bob whom I wish to test is in
    >slot 142. The software in this phone sucks.
    >> The thing that I dislike most about my vx10 is the low ring volume. I
    >> miss as many calls as I hear. I will not ever get another LG phone!

    >I'm taking this one back and taking my chances with another T730. If this
    >one drops calls occasionally than I'll live with it. The software in the
    >Motorola was very user friendly IMO.
    >Verizon is an excellent provider but they need a better line of phones.

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